AC Repair, Winter Haven, FL

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AC Repair, Winter Haven, Florida
On a warm summer day, you probably rely on your air conditioner to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Nearly half of the population in the United States runs their air conditioner almost every day during the summer, and nearly 90 percent of homes in the country have air conditioning units.

Unfortunately, AC units don’t last forever. When your air conditioner breaks down and you need someone to help you with the AC repair process, at Air Assault Air Conditioning & Heating, we’re here to help.

Some of the indicators that you might need AC repair include grinding or clunking noises coming from your unit, poor air circulation, or an inability to keep the rooms in your home at a constant temperature. If you air conditioner is running all the time without changing the temperature, it is probably wasting a lot of energy and costing you extra each month. Many homeowners notice that their utility bills start increasing, but don’t always know that an inefficient air conditioning unit is to blame. At Air Assault Air Conditioning & Heating, we can determine if this is happening to you and get your unit running like it should.

The Biggest Indicator of Energy Inefficiency

When it comes to your home cooling system, there are a few clear signals from then unit that your system may not be working properly (noise, odors, or no cool air, for example). There is also another important indicator that can tell you when your system needs servicing that doesn’t always come from the unit itself: your energy bill. Taking a critical look at your energy usage each month can tell you a lot about whether your cooling system is working its best. Your AC contractor can also give you tips and tools for keeping your air conditioner working more efficiently.

In addition to AC repair, our technicians are also available to help with other HVAC projects at both commercial and residential locations. For example, we can clean out your ducts to keep the air flowing in your home or office, or we can replace old units that would be too costly to fix. We offer our services in and around Winter Haven, Florida.

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