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We’ll Meet Your AC Air Conditioning Needs

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In the scorching Florida heat, an air conditioner is one thing you won’t want to live without.  At Air Assault Air Conditioning & Heating, we can help you out with all your AC air conditioning needs. Picking out a new AC air conditioning unit– The best place to start isRead More

Basic AC Air Conditioning Maintenance: How to Spot Small Issues Before They Become Big Problems

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Now that the bulk of the cold weather is behind us, we’ve only got a few months before we’re going to need that air conditioning unit operating at full capacity.  Here are some things you’ll want to look at before the sun is at its hottest and some easy maintenanceRead More

Choosing the Right AC Air Conditioning Solution for Your Room Size

Choosing the Right AC Air Conditioning Solution for Your Room Size

For a new home build or commercial development, it’s important to have a correctly sized AC air conditioning system for the size of the space.  Buying one that’s too small will, of course, not cool down the area very well, and buying an air conditioning unit that’s too big canRead More

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