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Choosing the Right AC Systems for Your Home


Florida is a beautiful place to live, with bright summers and mild winters, but if you can’t keep your home or business cool enough, that beauty can turn sour pretty quickly. Choosing the right kind of AC system is a crucial step in the right direction. So how do youRead More

Distinguishing Between AC Systems Is a Breeze

AC Systems

When it’s really getting hot outside, the only thing that you may be focused on is how to find some relief in the form of cool air.  While your ancestors may have had to rely on handheld fans to cool them off, luckily you have access to a much moreRead More

Different Types of AC Systems & Things to Consider When Choosing One for Your Home

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Here at Air Assault Air Conditioning & Heating, we know the feeling of being nice and cool in the middle of a hot summer day.  You probably know the same feeling.  However, have you ever felt that you would like it to be a bit cooler in your home?  OrRead More

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