AC Systems, Lakeland, FL

We can repair and install AC systems at both commercial and residential locations in Lakeland.

In addition to keeping your home cool and comfortable, AC systems actually offer a number of other benefits. For example, when the air flows through the ducts in the HVAC system, it goes through a filter that can remove dust, pollen, pet hair, dander, and other allergens. When you keep the filter clean or replace it often, you may notice that allergies in your home decrease significantly. Since AC systems also pump out cool air, using them allows you to keep your windows and doors closed when the weather turns warm, so you can limit the number of bugs and other pests that come into the home.

AC Systems in Lakeland, Florida
At Air Assault Air Conditioning & Heating, we can service all types of AC systems in Lakeland, Florida. We have experienced technicians on our staff who can diagnose and repair problems quickly and efficiently. Our team is also available to replace or install new units in both commercial and residential buildings. When we take on an installation job, we’ll start by calculating the load to ensure sufficient cooling for the entire space. Some companies don’t assess the needs of the building before starting the installation process, often resulting in a new unit that is too small and can’t keep up with the needs of the space. A unit that is too large is problematic, as well, because it costs more to operate, so you’ll see a spike in your monthly bills. When you’re dealing with an HVAC system, the size is important, as it will impact your overall comfort and the cost to operate the system.


We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded, so you can feel confident when our technicians are working on your unit. Additionally, our technicians are friendly, prompt, professional, and dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Whether we’re diagnosing a problem that needs repair or installing a new unit in your home or office building, our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for you. We’ll work quickly and efficiently to lessen the amount of time you’re stuck without a working air conditioner.


In addition to repairs and installation services, our experienced technicians are available to provide routine maintenance. Keeping up with routine maintenance on AC systems can help extend the lifespan of the unit, reduce energy waste, and improve efficiency. If you schedule a duct cleaning service along with your AC tune-up, you’ll also enjoy improved air quality and a healthier atmosphere.


When it comes to AC systems, we’re the only place you need to turn to for assistance with your repair, maintenance, and installation needs. If you’d like to know more about what we do and why you should let us help you keep your AC system up and running throughout the year, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

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