AC Units, Lakeland, FL

If you’re looking at new AC units for your Lakeland home, we can help you with the selection and installation process.

Not all AC units are created equal. While some will keep your home cool all year round, others will make it seem like you’re living in an oven unless you’re right next to a vent. The size and capacity of an AC unit also impact its ability to provide sufficient cooling within a space, so your system might be improperly sized if it’s not able to keep up with the needs of your household. The average homeowner doesn’t know a lot about AC units and other components of the HVAC system, so it can feel overwhelming when you’re faced with the decision to repair or replace a unit that isn’t working properly. If you’re worried about finding the right replacement air conditioner for your home in Lakeland, Florida, turn to us at Air Assault Air Conditioning & Heating. As air conditioning specialists, we can help you find and select the perfect system for your needs and budget.

AC Units in Lakeland, Florida
When you start looking at AC units, it’s important to remember that size is not the primary factor you should be concerned about. Rather, how well your new unit will cool your home depends on the unit’s cooling capacity, which can be measured with British Thermal Units (BTU). How many BTUs your new system should possess is based on how large of an area the unit will be expected to cool after it is installed.

We realize that figuring out your new unit’s cooling capacity while making sure the unit works with your budget can be a little bit tricky. Our highly trained and certified technicians would be more than happy to go over which AC units would be the best fit for your home and then take care of the installation process from start to finish. The process of installing a new AC unit is complex and should always be handled by one of our skilled professionals. We’ll start by removing the old unit, if needed, and assessing the condition of other components of the system, including the thermostat and ducts. If the ducts are damaged or leaky, you’ll lose a lot of the efficiency of your new unit, which will cost more in monthly cooling bills. An outdated thermostat might not be compatible with your new system. Replacing these parts is much easier when done as part of the installation process. When you replace your AC unit, you may qualify for tax credits or rebates, especially if you choose a highly rated and efficient system.

At Air Assault Air Conditioning & Heating, we’re always here to meet your air conditioning repair, selection, and installation needs. We offer a variety of services, including maintenance, repair, and installation of units from many of the top cooling brands. Along with AC services, we also provide heating services on heat pumps and furnaces, as well as duct cleaning and air purification to keep your home safe and healthy. For more information about how to find the right AC unit for your home and how we can help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

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