Here in Lakeland, Florida, we have beautiful tropical weather, but without a working AC system that beauty can turn sour pretty quickly. There are 5 sure signs that you need to call a licensed and insured technician for air conditioning services and repairs.

The first sign would be pretty obvious– no cool air is coming out, or there is poor air flow. When this happens, it could be because your compressor broke, your ducts are clogged with debris or your unit is out of refrigerant.  All of these problems would need the attention of an experienced technician.

Another reason to call a technician for air conditioning services would be problems with your thermostat. The best way to tell if your thermostat is the issue would be if one room of the house is a lot colder than the other rooms.

Moisture where it shouldn’t be is also a very big sign you need a technician’s air conditioning services. Anytime you see your AC unit leaking, you should call your technician to come and take a look.

Strange sounds are a typical indicator that something inside the unit has broken down and a technician needs to open it up and take a look. A strange odor is another reason to make the call. Strange odors could be mold or burnt wires, so you want to make sure someone experienced takes a look.

At Air Assault Air Conditioning & Heating, we are licensed and insured for any and all air conditioning services. We serve customers within 50 miles of Lakeland, Florida, so call us today if you are in need of anything to do with air conditioners.