Where to Get AC Units

Anyone needing AC units has a lot of choice, equal to the demand that Florida residents will naturally have for these essential items. The trick is knowing where to look — different outlets will have different perks to their sales. In essence, you can buy them from a straight outlet that does sales only, from a larger, more comprehensive AC and heating company, or from a smaller AC installation and sales business that features fewer people.

Anyone needing AC units has a lot of choice

The company that does sales only may have a guy on call for repairs but will also often outsource their repair and installation. For these businesses, selling of AC units is the main thrust. Their screening and hiring of repair people may well be secondary. If there’s any trouble with the work, you may need to call back, which effectively makes the sales outlet just a middleman, haranguing the installer or repairer to get back to the site and get things right.

A larger business, on the other hand, has a similar problem on a larger scale. If they’re selling AC units at a satisfying rate, then the guys who are doing installation and repairs are a less important consideration. This gives these guys a long leash, and some of them may not be as disciplined as you need them to be.

Hiring from a smaller business that’s mainly about installation and repairs with a few trusted brand names to resell is a safer bet. Their guys who are installing and repairing AC units have nowhere to hide if the work isn’t done right. If you’re in the Lakeland area and need an AC unit, we at Air Assault Air Conditioning & Heating are a small, tight and effective crew of AC unit installers and repair guys who live and die by our reputations for excellence. Give us a call.