When to Consider New Air Conditioning Installation

As with all expensive appliances in your home, at some point you’ll have to replace your air conditioning unit. Like many homeowners, you may not know when that should happen, or you may think that you’ll just wait until it stops working before installing a new one.

Air Conditioning Installation

Here are some basic guidelines to follow for when to consider a new air conditioning installation:

  • You have an old unit that needs to be replaced–New air conditioning installation can be a very worthwhile investment, especially if your unit is close to a decade old. Newer models offer much better efficiency and can pay for themselves very quickly in the money that you’ll save on monthly utilities. Not only will you be spending less, you’ll also find that you enjoy a cooler home.
  • The cost of repairs on your current unit exceed the expenses of having a new one installed–Obviously, you’ll need to consider the age of your unit and any warranties you may have on parts or labor in relation to the cost of a new one.

Air conditioning installation doesn’t need to be overwhelming or seem like a big hit to your budget. Since newer models and programmable thermostats are now available, you could see a big improvement in your energy consumption. You could spend less each month, but still enjoy the luxury of cool air blowing through your home whenever you need it. Following these guidelines will help you know the questions to ask to keep your home functioning as efficiently as possible.