Who to Call for AC Service

You need a new AC unit, either to replace the old one or you’re building a new Florida home that wouldn’t be complete without one. It’s not a good idea to cut any corners here because a hot house is practically unlivable however nice its design. Therefore, you need a good AC unit installed by qualified professionals who you trust.

You need a new AC unit

But who can you trust? There are handymen, established professionals, and hungry professionals. Two of these types of contractors are problematic. The other’s ideal.

A handyman, or general contractor, is unreliable even if his intentions are absolutely good. His skill set is broad but AC installation is specific. The unit can be installed poorly, or set to perform at inappropriate levels, so it may be working too hard, or not hard enough. This can become its own money pit with electric bills rising from poor performance on the handyman’s part, and it’s not even a big deal for him: his professional reputation is not exactly on the line, having never said he was an AC specialist.

An established professional, working for a big parts outlet or wholesaler, may have something akin to tenure, and is so immured in the company that extra effort isn’t really his thing anymore. That’s why you want hungry professionals to provide you with your AC unit, and we at Air Assault Air Conditioning & Heating are here to provide you with name-brand units, sold and installed cost-effectively by a small, eager troupe of professionals whose AC reputation means everything to us. Give us a call.