For a new home build or commercial development, it’s important to have a correctly sized AC air conditioning system for the size of the space.  Buying one that’s too small will, of course, not cool down the area very well, and buying an air conditioning unit that’s too big can result in an operating cycle that doesn’t effectively remove humidity from the space.  Here’s how to choose the right for your specific needs.

Choosing the Right AC Air Conditioning Solution for Your Room Size

The main unit of measure for AC air conditioning systems is BTU, which is, in essence, a measure of energy.  Basically, it’s the amount of heat needed to raise 1 pound of water by 1 degree.  In relation to air conditioning, a BTU measures the amount of heat an AC air conditioning unit can remove from a room in one hour.

For smaller rooms up to 150 square feet, it is recommended to install a unit that provides up to 5,400 BTU.  Larger living rooms that are closer to 340 square feet need approximately 8,000 BTU to function properly.  Larger spaces for commercial use increase the necessary BTU usage dramatically, with a full 40’ x 40’ space requiring approximately 32,000 BTU to operate effectively.

An exception for the home is the kitchen, where its appliances produce more heat.  In this case, it’s recommended to add 4,000 BTU more to the amount recommended for the size of the kitchen.  Other exceptions include rooms with a high ceiling (add about 10% more BTU) or rooms in warmer climates that necessitate about 10-20% more BTU. A qualified air conditioning specialist in Lakeland can walk you through your space and help you calculate exactly what you need to stay cool.


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