At Air Assault Air Conditioning & Heating, we want make sure you have the best performance from your home’s air conditioning unit. This includes helping you choose the right AC unit. To aid you in this decision, we have put together an overview of two of the most common types of AC units.

Most AC units used in the U.S. are split systems. A traditional split system consists of an indoor evaporator coil that removes moisture and heat from the air inside your home, an outdoor condenser coil that releases the heat into the outdoor environment, and a compressor that pumps refrigerant between the two. (The condenser coil and compressor are housed together in a metal case.) The cooled air inside your home is circulated to every room through a network of ducts. In this kind of system, heating is done by a central furnace that uses the same ducts when AC is not in use. A split system provides generalized cooling to every room connected to the ductwork, but the cost of installation may be greater compared to more localized units.

A variation on the standard split system is a ductless mini-split system. This type of AC unit shares the same indoor evaporator/outdoor condenser and compressor setup as a traditional split system, but is designed to cool spaces without a system of ducts.  While the absence of ducts means that cool air from one unit will not travel as far into the interior of a home, ductless mini-splits have the option of adding multiple evaporator boxes to the same compressor, meaning you can have an evaporator box to cool multiple rooms. This style of unit can save you money on the installation of ductwork but do still require professional installation. Contact us at Air Assault Air Conditioning & Heating to discuss your AC unit options and get our team’s expert advice on selection.