How to Stay Cool When the AC is Broken

Here at Air Assault Air Conditioning & Heating, we understand just how essential your AC is to your everyday comfort, especially here in Florida. The last thing any Florida homeowner wants to deal with is a broken or malfunctioning AC unit, but the unfortunate reality is that even with thorough maintenance, it’s still possible for your system to break down. In this article, we’ll go over some alternate strategies to help you stay cool while you wait for your AC repairs to be completed.

how essential your AC is to your everyday comfort

  • Use Windows and Shades- The first way to stay cool with a broken AC unit is to make use of your windows. Leave your windows open at night to take advantage of the cool breeze, then shut them once the sun comes up to prevent its heat from entering your home. We also recommend drawing your shades or blinds to keep out the sunshine and the greenhouse effect it creates.
  • Improvise Cooling Mechanism- If opening the windows isn’t enough, you can also improvise a cooling mechanism using a fan and some ice. Simply fill a bowl with ice from your fridge, then place a fan behind it to blow cool air in your direction. While this is no long-term substitute for a functioning AC unit, it can provide enough relief to make the wait bearable.
  • Cool Off with Towels- Another way to cool off when your AC system is down is to use damp towels. Run some towels under cold water, then place one around your neck–this will cool the blood in the big vein there on its way to your brain, which will make your whole body feel instantly cooler. We recommend placing a few more damp towels in the freezer so you can swap out the first one when it loses its coolness.