HVAC SystemOne of the highest operating costs for your commercial property is going to be the cost of your HVAC system.  Due to fluctuations in fuel prices, the unpredictable weather, and possible mechanical problems, this is a cost many landlords struggle to get control over.  Here are some top tips for reducing the costs of your Lakeland HVAC system while also saving energy.

Routine maintenance is important to making sure your system is operating in peak condition.  Have qualified HVAC technicians check all motors and belts, replace all filters, and clean the coils.Top Tips to Save Energy and Reduce the Operating Costs of Your HVAC System

Program your HVAC system to only provide optimal temperatures when the building is actually in use.  You can reduce the amount of air or heat used by up to 15 degrees overnight when the building is not occupied.  Modern HVAC systems offer automatically controlled systems that bring the temperatures up before your workforce arrives in the morning.  They can also change the indoor airflow based on outside temperatures.

One excellent way to reduce the cost of your home-based HVAC system in Lakeland is to conduct what’s called an energy audit.  A professional can provide one for you at a reasonable rate.  They’ll look at the condition of your structure from top to bottom as well as waste from your existing HVAC systems.  They’ll also look at cooling and heating distribution and make recommendations for repairs and upgrades to your existing setup, potentially saving a pile of money in the long run.


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