Air Conditioning InstallationWhether you’ve owned the same home for a long time or you are building a new home, at some point you will likely need an air conditioning installation. With the rapid changes in technology for homes and for air conditioning units, it may be a better investment to have a newer model installed then to have an older, less efficient unit repaired. With this being said, our team at Air Assault Air Conditioning & Heating wants to walk you through the steps of an air conditioning installation so you know what to expect when the time comes:

  1. Remove the existing unit and parts. This step may not be necessary if you’re building a new home or if your home has not had air conditioning before.
  2. Use all manufacturer-included materials for installation specific guidelines.
  3. Find the appropriate location for the new installation. This may or may not be in the same location of the previous unit, but there are specific guidelines we follow for the location that can optimize the unit’s efficiency.
  4. Put in new air ducts or clean and repair existing ones.
  5. Correctly measure the materials that will connect the air conditioner to electrical wiring and piping and appropriately attach.
  6. Add a new thermostat to the home or make sure an existing one is wired to the new unit and working correctly.
  7. Run post-test analyses to determine the unit’s efficiency and make any necessary modifications. This should include testing the thermostat, the vents for airflow and cool air, and the connections to the ductwork and electrical wiring.
  8. Explain the air conditioning installation to you and point out features, the air filter, and details to observe for repairs in the future.

Considering this process, we hope you’ll feel confident that you’ve made the right choice and that your air conditioner has been installed properly. We are happy to answer any questions and review the installation with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.