AC Contractor

If you have ever had to call an AC contractor because your air conditioner wasn’t working right, then you may find yourself looking for ways to say thank you after your servicing is complete. Not only does saying thank you let them know how appreciative you are, but it also tells them that they did a great job. Here are three great ways to thank your AC contractor:

1.  In-Person – The most obvious answer is to thank your AC contractor in-person while they are standing at your door. Another great way to say thank you in-person, though, is to call the boss to say how great a job they did.

2.  Send a Card – A handwritten note can go a long way when it comes to saying thank you. In the days of email and other online formats, sending a postcard or letter via the regular mail can be a special way to say thanks.

3.  Leave a Review – If your air conditioning company has a place to leave a review, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google, or on their website, they will love having a thank you that shows up for other customers to see. Leaving an online thank you is a great way to help promote the business that you received great service from.

At Air Assault Air Conditioning & Heating, we work hard to provide you with the excellent air conditioning and heating services you require. If you’ve received great service from an AC contractor on our team, we would love to hear from you. Thank YOU for being our valued customer!